Opportunities and strengths of the LOTOS Group

In 2015, like other oil companies, we faced a number of challenges and threats: 

  • Markedly lower prices of crude oil and gas, 
  • Uncertain market situation, 
  • Stagnant demand for petroleum products in Europe, 
  • Growing competition from the Middle East, the US, and Russia. 

Value growth and positive long-term financial results can be achieved through our competitive advantages, such as:

  • Large technological potential of the refinery, high distillate yields and complexity, 
  • Diversification of crude supplies and growing access to own sources of crude oil,
  • Developed own sales channel − a service station chain that allows the LOTOS Group to increase its share in the retail market,
  • Growing retail demand for fuels,
  • Consistent pursuit of development strategy,
  • Coastal location of the refinery facilitating imports of crude and exports of petroleum products, 
  • Optimum and full use of assets,
  • Generating cash flows along the value chain, 
  • Positive image of the LOTOS Group as a socially conscious organization and a leader of sustainable development in Poland.

More information on risks and opportunities, and on how we manage them, see the Directors’ Report Grupy on the operations of the LOTOS Group in 2015