Product, customer – Commitment to quality, safety and brand image

At the LOTOS Group, we believe that commitment to high quality should begin with the supplier and remain a priority along the supply chain, until a product reaches the final customer. This belief has led to a strong focus on superior standards in both production and services, with the aim of building the LOTOS Group’s value and enhancing our positive impact.

Through a number of initiatives, including development of key innovative technologies and solutions, we have been able to increase productivity and bring down costs. We have also become an increasingly trustworthy and reliable business partner. We stimulate local business.

Our efforts have also led to growing market shares and contributed to enhanced perception and value of the LOTOS brand.

  • As at the end of the reporting period, our share in the Polish retail market of liquid fuels reached the target of 10%. Our effectively executed optimization measures led to a marked improvement of the LOTOS chain’s financial results. Clean EBITDA (adjusted for one-off items) in 2015 amounted to PLN 112m, a new record high in the history of our service stations. 
  • Drawing on our long-standing experience in sports sponsorship, in 2015 we made a decision, with a full sense of responsibility for what that entails, to become the Main Sponsor of the national football team. For us, it is a grand, ambitious and emotionally significant undertaking, because we realize that our national team, its attitude and success engage all Polish people and positively reflect on the LOTOS brand.
  • LOTOS is one of the strongest and most recognisable brands in the Polish market. In the 12th List of Poland’s Most Valuable Brands compiled by the Rzeczpospolita daily, the brand ranked 8th, having advanced by one position over the year. However, since 2010 its value has more than doubled.

How do we create value for investors and customers?

Key financial indicators

  • Share of the Polish fuel market: 31.2%
  • 10.5% share of the Polish retail fuel market
  • Value of brand: PLN 1.4bn
Key non-financial indicators

  • Customer satisfaction: ratio of the relationship and loyalty of the LOTOS Group’s customers is 76 points according to TRIM
  • Increased station availability for customers: increased number of stations 2014⇒ 441, 2015⇒ 476
  • Presence on 82 markets

Safety also remains our key priority, from feedstock procurement and processing to delivery of finished products to the market. Products of the LOTOS Group meet the applicable quality standards, as confirmed by relevant certificates required and recognized both on the local and international markets.