Effective support

LOTOS Group’s CSR programmes and initiatives are a response to identified needs of local communities, and many of them are implemented within the framework of cross-sectoral partnerships. We monitor the effects of our efforts by running surveys of a group of over 1,000 respondents living in the regions where we operate, and, more specifically, in the vicinity of the LOTOS Group’s production plants. Each year, we prepare surveys for our long-term social partners so they can evaluate us in terms of dialogue, the quality of cooperation, and openness to communicate. In addition to questions about the quality of cooperation with Grupa LOTOS and the LOTOS Foundation (where more than 90% of the surveyed responded with ‘good’ or ‘very good’), we also ask about the implementation of the objective underlying our CSR strategy. In answer to the following question: ‘In your opinion, does Grupa LOTOS, through its initiatives, contribute to providing lasting solutions to the locally relevant social and environmental issues?’, 81% of the respondents answered ‘definitely yes’ and ‘yes’. 

Social diagnosis is based on meetings with our social partners and on participation in consultations, working groups and conferences attended by various entities from the local government, business and NGO sectors. A flagship project under which new partnerships are forged and projects are implemented, including those focusing on social entrepreneurship or supporting local initiatives, is the Development Initiation Forum.

As part of activities undertaken in 2012−2015 under the CSR strategy in the area of integration with local communities, we focused on ensuring favourable attitudes among local communities and fostering our reputation as a socially conscious business. We achieved our goals by undertaking initiatives that address and successfully solve social and environmental problems.  The positive effects of our efforts can be seen across Poland and in the particular regions where we operate, i.e. mainly in the Gdańsk Province, and in the counties of Bielsko-Biała and Jasło.

Grupa LOTOS’ lucky thirteen

As the strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum, Grupa LOTOS submits its projects to the ‘Responsible Business in Poland.  Best Practices’ report. The 2015 report included as many as 13 best practices submitted by Grupa LOTOS.