LOTOS Foundation

The LOTOS Group is strongly committed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of what it does, both at the business level and in CSR initiatives. That is why in June 2015 we established the LOTOS Foundation to manage our philanthropic policy. This was done to ensure professionalism in our charity and social activities, development of our philanthropic initiatives, support to our CSR strategy and business, as well as greater involvement of our staff in social work.

LOTOS Foundation’s mission:

wide-ranging social activity to make a positive contribution to the social and natural environment.
LOTOS Foundation’s aims:

to support initiatives that help develop infrastructure and make a positive difference for local communities, particularly in regions where companies of the LOTOS Group operate.

To meet the expectations concerning the directions of our philanthropic activities, the Foundation focuses on the environment and its protection (particularly in the Baltic Sea) and reduction of social inequalities, especially among children and teenagers, for example by supporting education, science etc.

During the first six months of its operation, the Foundation spent more than PLN 760,000, providing support to 47 entities.

Area Amount spent (PLN) Number of entities
Social and charity activity 329,388.13* 9
Science and education 151,885.00 3
Sport 110,200.00 17
Environmental protection and ecology 109,300.00 5
Health protection and promotion 30,000.00 5
Culture and art 21,000.00 5
Preservation of tradition 10,500.00 3
Total 762,273.13 47

* Including support provided to social partners under the ‘Helping while Refuelling’ programme

Owing to the funds provided by the LOTOS Foundation, more than 170 children from low-income families participated in leisure activities organized for them and received Christmas gifts. 

As regards science and education, the Foundation supported several initiatives with exceptional social contribution and reach. Caring for Poles living in countries east of Poland, the Foundation co-financed the purchase of four school buses for Polish schools in the Vilnius region in Lithuania, bought equipment for selected schools and awarded grants to the best students.

The Foundation co-financed summer holidays for more than 320 children and teenagers. Those initiatives were mainly addressed at low-income families living in the vicinity of the LOTOS Group refinery in Gdańsk as well as at children from children’s homes and childcare facilities. In addition, the LOTOS Foundation supported several initiatives promoting physical culture and sport among children and the youth, including with disabilities. 

With a view to preserving the natural riches around the LOTOS refinery in Gdańsk and offering pro-environmental education aimed to promote the respect for and understanding of the natural environment, the LOTOS Foundation ensured financial support to the ‘Protect the WILDLIFE of the Sobieszewo Island’ programme, executed in cooperation with the Ornithology Station of the Museum and Institute of Zoology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Biologic Station of the Gdańsk University Development Foundation, the KULING Waterbird Research Group and the Association of Sobieszewo Island Lovers. The project provides for comprehensive initiatives on the Sobieszewo Island, especially in the Mewia Łacha Reserve.

The LOTOS Foundation also cares for endangered species of marine fauna of the Baltic Sea, notably the harbour porpoise and seal − it made a donation to the Gdańsk University Development Foundation to finance the purchase of specialist research equipment to be used in the scientific and research operations of the Marine Station of the Gdańsk University’s Institute of Oceanography in Hel.

Furthermore, the Foundation supported initiatives for health promotion and protection, culture and art, as well as preservation of tradition.

In 2015, the LOTOS Foundation co-organized the ‘Helping while Refuelling’ campaign − funds raised from fuel sales at LOTOS service stations were used to help beneficiaries of the support provided by the LOTOS Foundation’s social partners fulfil their dreams and needs. 

We make sure the LOTOS Foundation is a transparent organization which openly communicates its operations and their effects.

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Large corporations started to establish their own foundations in Western Europe and the United States in the 1990s, when the responsible business concept was developed and the idea of businesses playing social role too was promoted − according to a report by the Benefactors Forum.