Our products are appreciated by the market

Our products are appreciated by the market, as evidenced by the growing sales and strong market position of Grupa LOTOS. Our share in the Polish fuel market in 2015 was 31.2%, which was 1.2 percentage points above our strategic target for the year. We also managed to expand our share of the Polish retail fuel market to over 10%, meeting the target defined in our strategy for 2011−2015*

* Source: Polish Organization of Oil Industry and Trade (POPiHN)

Grupa LOTOS is a leading player on the Polish market of motor oils, and a significant exporter of the products. 

We also among leaders in the domestic market of road bitumens.

What are our plans in the marketing area?

Retail segment

  • Consistently increase share in the retail fuel market in Poland.
  • Strengthen the perception of LOTOS service stations as a modern and fast developing retail chain.

Wholesale segment

  • Expand sales of aviation fuel in Poland. 
  • Intensify our activities in Central/Eastern Europe and Northern Europe.

Non-fuel products

  • Maintain our leading position in the lubricating oils market in Poland. 
  • Expand share of oil services in total sales. 
  • Maintain the leading position in the modified bitumens market in Poland. 
  • Secure strong position on the markets in Central and Eastern Europe.