Image management, visual identity system, e-VIS

In order to build the market position of the LOTOS brand and to enhance its awareness and recognizability, we have created a Visual Identity System (VIS). The system defines uniform standards and the permitted ways to use its elements. Consistent application of the established rules ensures that a coherent and desirable image of the LOTOS brand is disseminated.

In 2015, the LOTOS Group commenced implementation of the e-VIS platform, a modern and innovative solution that has so far remained unmatched in Poland. Our priorities for the project were to ensure that all relevant data is collected in a centralized location, that it is always up to date, and that it is accessible online to the users.

The key advantages of and benefits offered by e-VIS:

  • The rules of use of the LOTOS brand are now available to all users of our visual identity system more easily and more quickly. 
  • Traditional paper copies of documents were replaced with their digital versions and their printing is no longer necessary, which reduces costs and makes us more eco-friendly.

In a single application e-VIS combines the best practice of visual identity system with group work solutions. By properly using modern technologies we can now further develop the system and be prepared to perform new tasks in the future.