Management of the service station chain − best practicesd

Our stations are more eco-friendly

In 2015, at 28 LOTOS DOFO service stations we carried out the Ecoacademy project, implemented as part of the European Social Fund: Human capital – the best investment, with the objective to improve competences of the staff of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises with respect to environmental protection. 

Following the execution of environmental reviews (April−June 2015), each participant received an audit report specifying the scope of legal requirements for service stations related to environmental protection, and containing assessment of their implementation, and recommendations to take corrective measures, if any. 

In addition, in June 2015, six training sessions were organized for service station personnel, devoted to environmental protection at service stations. Over 100 staff participated in the training held as part of meetings of regional LOTOS partner stations in Tarnów, Tychy, Uniejów, Opalenica, Majdan and Olsztyn.

Safe refuelling

Safety at the LOTOS service stations is our priority, which we ensure with the help of qualified staff using modern technologies and procedures. OSH trainings, which are regularly attended by our employees, serve to enhance their knowledge and skills in responding to dangerous situations, fires, and other hazards. 

Modern technological solutions employed at the LOTOS service stations not only promote safety, but also generate savings. The fuel pumps are equipped with vapour recovery nozzles capturing fuel vapours from cars’ tanks. With this technology we protect the environment by preventing hydrocarbon emissions, and also recover fuel vapours, directing them to an underground tank.