Expansion and standardization of the LOTOS service station chain – new services, overview of 2015

New look of the LOTOS service stations 

Year by year, we work to improve not only the scale but also the quality of our services and the visual design of our service station chain. We standardized the visual identification of a large number of the service stations, both in the premium and the economy segments.


LOTOS Premium and LOTOS Optima service stations were standardized in 2015
Our achievements so far:

As part of the standardization effort, we unified and improved the look of our service stations. We have also placed strong emphasis on the customer service quality. Having defined the standards, we make every effort to ensure that they are observed by the staff. Thanks to the commitment of our sales personnel and the attractive offering, we have also been highly successful in expanding our fleet customer base.

Our plans:

2016 will see further optimization of the service station chain, with an even stronger focus on stable expansion, improvement of customer service quality, and enhancing of sales efficiency. We intend to proceed with the standardization of our stores and to expand our range of food services. We also plan to significantly diversify the stores’ offering and to markedly increase the range of services available at the stations.