Grupa LOTOS service station chain

A growing chain of service stations operating in two segments: premium (LOTOS) and economy (LOTOS Optima) is an important part of our business. At the end of 2015, 476 service stations operated as part of the chain, that is 35 more than the year before (25 of the new service stations operate under the LOTOS Optima brand).

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As at the end of the reporting period, our share in the Polish retail market of liquid fuels was 10%.* We have consistently pursued this growth strategy for the last five years, starting from a 7% market share. In that period, we increased sales by 50% and added more than 280 new service stations to the chain. 

A solid, third place in the domestic retail market allows us to pursue an effective market policy.

* Source: Polish Organization of Oil Industry and Trade (POPiHN)

Grupa LOTOS is also the second largest operator in the Motorway Service Area (MSA) segment in Poland. At present, the all-inclusive offering of the LOTOS service station chain is available to motorists using the A1, A2, A4, A6 motorways and the S3 and S7 expressways. In 2015, LOTOS opened its 18th Motorway Service Area, located by the A4 motorway in Komorowo near Tarnów.

Record-high profits earned by the LOTOS service station chain

Our effective optimization measures led to improvement of the LOTOS chain’s financial results. Clean EBITDA (adjusted for one-off items) in 2015 amounted to PLN 112m, compared with PLN 95m in 2014 and PLN 44m in 2013.

The number of LOTOS service station at the end of 2015
LOTOS service stations at the end of 2015

282 LOTOS Premium service stations
  • 151 own stations (CODO),
  • 18 service stations at the Motorway Service Areas (MSAs),
  • 113 franchize stations (DOFO).

194 LOTOS Optima service stations
  • 121 own stations (CODO),
  • 73 franchize stations (DOFO).
Targets for the LOTOS service station chain in 2016:
  • 11% sales growth vs 2015,
  • Number of operating service stations to exceed 500.