With customer satisfaction in mind

Our primary objective defined in the LOTOS Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy is to build lasting customer relationships. We do that by focusing on understanding customers’ needs and offering them safe quality products. We measure our success in this respect by reference to the level of our customers’ satisfaction with cooperation with the LOTOS Group’s marketing companies.

Customer satisfaction survey − approach and results

Progress in customer relations is monitored through regular surveys. They focus on such factors as supplier selection process, cooperation with supplier staff, their accessibility and competences, quality and availability of products, time of response to call for offers, prices, and the image.

Satisfaction surveys among the LOTOS Group’s customers
Company Survey frequency in year Customer segments
Grupa LOTOS 1 B2B
LOTOS Asfalt 1 B2B - bitumen
LOTOS Kolej 2 Grupa Kapitałowa LOTOS, forwarding companies, direct customers
LOTOS Paliwa 1 B2B

At most of the marketing segment companies, customer satisfaction surveys are conducted using the CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interview) technique. The results are analysed based on the TRI*M method, developed by a research company TNS Polska, the TRI*M Index being a single number score which measures customer satisfaction and loyalty levels. The TRI*M Index questions relate to overall rating, probability of recommendation, likelihood of repeat purchasing of product/service, and competitive advantage. The TRI*M Index is a measure of customer retention levels − the higher it is, the greater the brand loyalty. The TRI*M Index figures reported for the LOTOS Group companies indicate that the overall satisfaction with their products is high. In 2015, the best result in the survey was achieved by Grupa LOTOS, with the score highest since 2012 (see the table below).

Wartości TRI*M Index for the LOTOS Group companies
Company 2015 2014 2013 2012
Grupa LOTOS 87 82 86 80
LOTOS Paliwa 78 N/A 76 N/A
LOTOS Oil 69 70 67 N/A
LOTOS Asfalt 80 77 73 70

Grupa LOTOS:

The customer relationship and loyalty score was 87 in 2015, indicating high customer satisfaction. Compared with 2014, TRI*M increased 5 points. Improvement was seen not only in the overall rating of Grupa LOTOS but also in the scores for the probability of recommendation, repeat purchase, and competitive advantage. Grupa LOTOS customers are very loyal and attached to the LOTOS brand. The proportion of unsatisfied and disloyal customers declined, whereas the proportion of customers for whom the main selection criterion was the price increased.

LOTOS Paliwa:

The customer satisfaction survey in 2015 was conducted using the CATI technique. The survey participants were fleet and B2B customers (wholesalers, independent service stations, and partner stations). 

2015 results: overall TRI*M rating (synthetic measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty) was 78, up 2pp on the previous wave of the survey.


Analysis of the customer satisfaction survey findings was based on the TRI*M method developed by TNS. The survey was conducted among authorized distributors, large customers operating as trade partners (wholesale channel), and end customers from the industrial and automotive segments, including approved repair shops and service providers, auto parts retailers, as well as businesses from various industries (direct sales channel).

2015 results: overall TRI*M rating − 69, or 1 point down on 2014. 

The scores for recommendation and competitive advantage remained similar as a year earlier, while the score for probability of repeat purchase decreased slightly. Relative to 2014, LOTOS Oil was more widely recognized as a company that cares for the environment − the score for this aspect improved the most.

LOTOS Asfalt:

In 2015, the satisfaction survey was carried out among Polish and foreign customers and was based on TNS Polska’s TRI*M methodology. It focused, among other aspects, on relations with sales representatives and distribution teams, but also on product quality, bidding processes, and the company’s image. 

2015 score: TRI*M rating − 80, or 3 points up on 2014. 

Timeliness and reliability of deliveries were the strongest drivers of customer satisfaction − 68% of the respondents said that their orders were always delivered on time. Another strength of LOTOS Asfalt is the product quality − more than a half of all its customers gave the company the highest scores for this aspect. The next major advantage of LOTOS Asfalt is the quality of customer service. And LOTOS Asfalt’s customers are loyal − 94% of the respondents would recommend the company to their trading partners. 

How is customer satisfaction measured at the other companies of the LOTOS Group?

  • LOTOS Kolej: Satisfaction ratings are obtained primarily through direct interaction with representatives of the customers. Another tool used to measure customer satisfaction is a voluntary questionnaire-based evaluation system. In 2015, the overall score given to the company was 8.51 out of 10. 
  • LOTOS Lab: To measure customer satisfaction, in 2015 the company sent questionnaires to its selected customers and to the companies of the LOTOS Group which use LOTOS Lab services. The overall level of customer satisfaction was 94%.