With customer safety in mind

At Grupa LOTOS we take great care to ensure that our products and services meet the customers’ expectations and pose no threat to health and safety. We are aware that our responsibility in this respect is not only to meet the obligatory legal requirements, but also to deliver on the initiatives we undertake and to follow our in-house rules. 

By taking steps to minimize safety risks, we build up our reputation, a springboard for our steady development and value growth.

Our products have no secrets

Product Sheets or Safety Data Sheets have been prepared for all products manufactured by the LOTOS Group. The materials are based on applicable international requirements (by law, dangerous substances and mixtures which are supplied without a Safety Data Sheet must not be marketed or used in professional applications). Product Sheets and Safety Data Sheets contain information on the product’s impact on health and environment, hazardous ingredients, substances and chemicals, fire-fighting measures, accidental release measures, disposal, etc.

Every customer can access the information on safe use of our products, either online or directly at points of sale. Safety Data Sheets are delivered directly to each wholesale distributor and are available to retail customers at the LOTOS service stations. Where required, Safety Data Sheets for non-fuel products are also made available at LOTOS service stations.

More information on Safety Data Sheets for products

We assess our impacts to deliver safer products and services

To improve the monitored indicators, Grupa LOTOS assesses the health and safety impacts of all its key product and service categories. The impact of fuels on human health and safety is monitored during production (except at LOTOS Paliwa). 

In 2015, LOTOS Asfalt checked all its products (bitumens, bitumen products and bunker fuel) for health and safety impacts. The same was done by LOTOS Oil with respect to all of its products. All Safety Data Sheets were updated pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council. With the Integrated Management System in place at Grupa LOTOS, LOTOS Oil can review the Safety Data Sheets on an ongoing basis. Introduction of any new product is preceded by the examination of its impact on health and safety. LOTOS Kolej assessed 44.44% of items in its offering for health and safety impacts in 2015 (transport of dangerous goods). 

We have also taken relevant safety enhancing measures in our transport and distribution processes. Additionally, third-party providers of transport services are assessed for compliance with safety standards. As part of efforts to ensure the highest possible safety of transport processes, LOTOS Kolej concluded a cooperation agreement with railroad safety manager (Eisenbahn Betriebstleiter), who is responsible for ensuring that transport processes are performed properly and that the internal rules in place at LOTOS Kolej are aligned with the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Fuel distribution is subject to special safety supervision. For fuel sales by CODO stations, LOTOS Paliwa has set safety standards and monitors compliance by the station managers. This process is governed by separate agreements and procedures, with the latter being improved on an ongoing basis. 

As part of our supervision of road transport, delegated employees of LOTOS Paliwa undertake regular field inspections to monitor:

  • Loading operations at fuel depots,
  • Safe passage of tank trucks over monitored routes, including correct cargo marking in compliance with the ADR requirements,
  • Safety of unloading sites,
  • Unloading operations, to ensure their compliance with the established procedure,
  • Actions taken in case of spills or failures.

What else did we do?

Grupa LOTOS has developed a product safety system (the SDS system) to facilitate the flow of information on chemical substances and mixtures present on the refinery premises, and to improve distribution of Safety Data Sheets to customers who buy LOTOS products. 

All employees have access to the SDS Portal containing all up-to-date Safety Data Sheets. Furthermore, the staff of individual organizational units have assigned to them relevant sets of Safety Data Sheets pertaining to products they come to contact with.