Our key customers

In 2015, the oil products of Grupa LOTOS were sold mainly in Poland. The main export destinations were in Europe.

Main customers of Grupa LOTOS in Poland:
  • Fuel products (gasoline, diesel oil, light fuel oil, aviation fuel): 
    • multinational oil companies: BP, Shell Polska, Statoil
    • B2B fuel wholesalers
    • airlines
  •  Oil products (engine and industrial oils): 
    • engine oil distributors
    • approved repair shops
    • production companies
  • Bitumen products (road and modified bitumen):
    • road construction companies

Integrated fuel companies in Northern and Western Europe, international trading companies, and independent wholesalers and retailers were the main export customers for Grupa LOTOS products in 2015.

Export markets for the LOTOS Group’s products:
  • Naphtha: integrated fuel and petrochemical companies in Germany and Scandinavia, and the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) oil hub,
  • Motor gasoline: the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) oil hub, Sweden, and the United Kingdom,
  • Aviation fuel: Scandinavian countries and the Czech Republic, where the products were transported by land,
  • Diesel oil: the United Kingdom, Germany and the Czech Republic,
  • Heavy fuel oil: storage depots of global trading companies in the Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark (for re-sale outside of Europe).

Most of exported products are transported by sea, mainly on a CIF basis through PPPP Naftoport’s liquid fuel terminal, and on a CIP basis by land to the Czech Republic and Hungary.