Best practices: for the convenience of service station customers

LOTOS Biznes car fleet cards for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises

Our business philosophy is to build the best possible offer for each, even the smallest, company. Therefore, we continuously develop our offer for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises. A new type of the LOTOS Biznes car fleet card is an innovative solution designed with this customer group specifically in mind. It offers modern functionalities, many of which prove more valuable to small businesses than to large corporations.

Benefits to customers: LOTOS Biznes car fleet cards for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises offer, among other benefits, simplified settlements, cost control and discounts on fuel and services; as a result, they help reduce the cost of accounting services as well as other operating costs, and save the time necessary for business development. 

Benefits to Grupa LOTOS: With LOTOS Biznes cards used by businesses across a variety of industries, we are able to stabilize our fuel sales regardless of business cycles in individual sectors of the economy. Our service stations are the front line of our sales activities, enabling us to reach out to new procurement groups, e.g. taxi firms.

What else do we offer to customers at LOTOS service stations?

  • LOTOS Premium stations are equipped filling facilities for the disabled and baby changing stations. 
  • Many LOTOS service stations have automatic car washes, but we are also developing a network of manual car wash facilities, with a target of reaching more than 20 such locations by the end of 2016, which will represent one-fifth of all car washes in our chain. All our automatic car washes have wastewater treatment facilities and closed water circulation systems reducing water consumption to approximately 15 litres of clean water per cycle.
  • LOTOS Paliwa joined the eMobility project run by Energa to create a network of charging stations for electric vehicles in the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot agglomeration. Our stations use the CHAdeMO charging standard. With 39 kW of power, the system takes 25 to 45 minutes to charge the most popular electric and hybrid cars. In 2015, two quick charge points were opened in Gdańsk. 
  • By opening the first SUBWAY restaurant at our service station (in Rumia in the Gdańsk Province) in December 2015, we teamed up with this largest fast food chain in the world. We intend to develop the cooperation to support our food and beverage brand Cafe Punkt. 
  • Motorcyclists are an important and growing group of LOTOS customers. In 2015, we removed the lower limit on the amount of fuel motorists must buy to earn points in the LOTOS Navigator loyalty programme. Holders of Navigator Motorcycle Rider Cards can collect points also when buying fuel for cars, a feature appreciated particularly by those motorcyclists who in autumn and winter prefer to travel by car.
  • LOTOS service stations are equipped with various facilities for the disabled: access ramps and lowered kerbs at the entrance to station buildings, designated parking spaces, toilets with disabled facilities, convenient spaces with ramps at new Premium stations, special posts with buttons to press to ask station staff for assistance, sufficient space to use wheelchair at station shops, wide spaces between shelving units with easy access to cash desk.
  • To meet the needs of customers travelling with pets, from April to September we provide bowls of fresh water at selected LOTOS service stations. Additionally, throughout the year at each LOTOS station motorists can receive free plastic bowls for their animals. 2015 was the third year when we ran the campaign.
  • In 2015, mobile charging points were installed at some of LOTOS service stations. In response to our customers’ needs, we offered the possibility of free charging of most popular types of mobile phones and tablets. When waiting for their device to charge, customers have an opportunity to enjoy Café Punkt services.