Our CSR strategy

The LOTOS Group’s responsible approach to activities undertaken in various spheres brings measurable effects. Our achievements in this area are possible thanks to the clear long-term objectives defined in our CSR strategy, which is closely related to our business strategy.

The efforts undertaken by the LOTOS Group in the social and business spheres, in our relations with key stakeholders and in corporate governance are aimed principally to:

  • Ensure compliance with the law and ethical standards;
  • Increase our positive contribution to social development;
  • Mitigate possible adverse impacts of our operations and the associated risks;
  • Maximize our chances for sustainable development over the long term.

Key CSR activities:

  • Ensuring equal opportunities and supporting the education and development of children and young people −  who are the target group of our social and educational programmes and various sports and social projects focusing on the support of both talented and underprivileged youth;
  • Road traffic safety − to which the LOTOS Group contributes through the quality of its products and comprehensive educational campaigns;
  • Environmental protection and ecology − with special focus on the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea (given the seaboard location of the Gdańsk refinery), as well as other areas of outstanding natural value, including NATURA 2000 sites, located in the Company’s immediate vicinity. 

In 2015 we commenced work on the new Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy whose overriding objective will be supporting the new business perspective.

More information about LOTOS Group’s Business Strategy

More information about LOTOS Group’s CSR Strategy