Sponsorship of cultural events

Our commitment to the development of arts and culture is manifest in the support we offer primarily to the institutions of culture and cultural events in the regions where we are present − in the Gdańsk Province, and in the administrative districts of Bielsko-Biała and Jasło. We contribute to long-term projects that have a social dimension. We also support those initiatives which build the regions’ potential and attractiveness in terms of cultural events in the national scale.

Flagship projects pursued by Grupa LOTOS in the area of patronage of culture in 2015

Jazz flavours

2015 saw the 17th edition of LOTOS Jazz Festival − Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Grupa LOTOS holds naming rights for this event, representing the most important jazz festival in the south of Poland and attracting music lovers from Poland and other countries alike. For nearly 10 years, it has been accompanied by a competition for young jazz musicians, where the main prize is an opportunity to record, release and promote their debut albums.

On the big stage

Grupa LOTOS lends support to the Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival organized since 1997 and counting among the largest international theatrical festivals in Europe. For many years, the event has also featured an attractive educational programme of the Summer Shakespeare Academy, targeted at young people from Poland and abroad, for whom it is an opportunity to experience world class theatre and meet with the people who create it.

Two Theatres – a festival organized by Polish Radio and Television

This non-commercial event organized by TVP and available to wide audiences is an opportunity to watch theatre plays and participate in meetings with the stars of the Polish theatre free of charge. The event is unique in Europe as it combines a festival of theatrical performances produced by the public media with a competition of theatre plays staged by the Television Theatre and radio dramas of the Polish Radio Theatre, promoting Polish culture. The performances shown during the Festival are assessed by a jury. The participants can enjoy the creative output of the radio and television theatre by watching and listening to the plays and dramas registered for the competition. The festival features live performances, concerts and discussion panels with the authors.