The LOTOS Group’s research and development activities are led and coordinated mainly by LOTOS Lab. In July 2015, the R&D Division and the R&D Team were appointed to support the LOTOS Group companies in the following areas: 

  • Identifying and keeping a record of project ideas on an ongoing basis;
  • Improving access to the project portfolio for interested persons;
  • Participating in advisory capacity in meetings held with a view to partnering with third parties in R&D projects;
  • Analysing the documentation of R&D funding programmes to identify potential financing sources for project ideas;
  • Intermediating in relations with institutions managing public funds for research and development initiatives as well as information centres for EU and national funds;
  • Preparing relevant applications related to R&D projects.

LOTOS Lab has framework agreements on R&D cooperation with the following entities: 

  • Faculty of Chemistry of the Gdańsk University of Technology;
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology;
  • Oil and Gas Institute;
  • Road and Bridge Research Institute.