Innovation potential, cooperation and knowledge sharing

Innovative approach is a crucial element of our business. By investing in state-of-the-art oil refining technologies, obtaining patents and cooperating with research partners, we improve our competitiveness and the quality of our products, while supporting the environment in which we operate. 

The LOTOS Group’s research and development activities focus on crude oil production and refining.

What do we do?
  • In the upstream segment, in line with the trends set by European oil companies, our key R&D initiatives focus on technologies for hydrocarbon exploration and optimizing hydrocarbon production.
  • In the downstream segment, we focus on effective utilization of the refinery’s expanded processing capacities and refinery streams, further increase in oil conversion depth, and optimum use of synergies between the refining industry and the chemical, power and construction industries with a view to maximizing the refining margin.
Our innovation objectives:
  • Invest in new technologies across all business areas;
  • Improve efficiency by further development of business and logistics processes;
  • Use advanced technological process optimization methods;
  • Promote innovation among employees as well as our trading and social partners.