11. Net loss per share

  Year ended
Dec 31 2015
Year ended
Dec 31 2014
Net loss attributable to owners of the Parent (PLN '000) (A) (263,263) (1,466,326)
Weighted average number of shares ('000) (B) 184,873 145,027
Net loss per share (PLN) (A/B) (1.42) (10.11)

Loss per share for each reporting period is calculated by dividing net loss for a given reporting period by the weighted average number of shares in the reporting period. The weighted average number of shares as at December 12th 2014 includes the new Series D shares in Grupa LOTOS S.A. (see Note 21).

In connection with the issue of rights to Series D shares and allotment of shares acquired in the exercise of pre-emptive rights, the Company − acting in accordance with the requirements of IAS 33 Earnings per Share − calculated earnings per share adjusted for the effect of the pre-emptive rights (issue at a discount, at a price of PLN 18.10 per share compared with the market price of the Company shares then at PLN 25.95).

Diluted net loss per share is equal to basic net loss per share as the Group carries no instruments with a dilutive effect.

The Notes to the consolidated financial statements are an integral part of the statements.
(This is a translation of a document originally issued in Polish)