We are building a strong employer brand

Recruitment and employment processes at the LOTOS Group are carried out in a responsible and fair manner, with due respect for the applicants. We care for a good atmosphere during job interviews and provide feedback. We guarantee confidentiality and information security to all candidates applying for a job at our organization.

In 2015, we commenced work on a new strategy of building employer brand. The effect is a ‘Strategy for LOTOS as Employer Brand’, together with an ‘Operational Plan’ and a set of efficiency measures.

Strategic objectives behind the LOTOS employer brand:
  • Ensure availability of highly qualified resources required to successfully implement the business strategy;
  • Create an engaging workplace based on communication, positive relations and values.
The steps taken to develop a strategy for LOTOS as an employer brand came in response to the following needs:
  • Ensure continuity in the implementation of business goals, where employees and their expertise are the most valuable assets;
  • Recruit best talent on the Polish market, which requires communication of the LOTOS employee brand to a wider audience;
Thanks to the actions taken, LOTOS intends to build an employer brand with the following features:

Nationwide reach
What are the benefits?

Broader range of competent candidates to acquire.

What are the benefits?

We will establish a lasting relationship with the brand’s target group.

Transparent communication
of job offers
What are the benefits?

More suitable candidates will be recruited.

High engagement potential
What are the benefits?

Lower risk of employee turnover in case of strong competition on the local labour market.

Clear referral rules
What are the benefits?

It will be easier to reach valuable candidates. Employees will become active ambassadors of the LOTOS brand outside the organization.

The employer brand is important to all:

We engaged our employees in efforts to develop the employer branding strategy for LOTOS. We invited employees from all segments of the LOTOS Group’s operations to workshops, in which we learnt, among other things, which positive features are common for all areas of our activity and what are the distinctive qualities that represent the unique strength of LOTOS.

In the case of women employed at the LOTOS Group, the ratio of the lowest pay at the lowest pay to statutory minimum pay in Poland in 2015 was 1.14. In the case of men, it was slightly above 1.

Our efforts to build employer brand

We seek to create the image of an attractive and reliable employer through:

  • Pursuing the adopted HR policy and implementing the improvement action plan following an employee opinion survey;
  • Creating an engaging workplace and communicating with our employees through the LOTOSFERA monthly magazine and the LOTOSTRADA website;
  • Actively communicating our values and the benefits we offer to potential job candidates, using various communication channels, e.g. a website (www.kariera.lotos.pl), advertising on recruitment websites Pracuj.pl and LinkedIn., running a Facebook fanpage ‘Start with LOTOS’, participating in job fairs, appointing the LOTOS ambassador from among students to promote our corporate values and liaise with the student community. More information
  • Cooperation with schools and universities, student organizations, research clubs and circles, and central and local government authorities, aimed to promote vocational training, support education and create jobs.
What else did we do?

The LOTOS Group has provided opportunities for both horizontal and vertical promotions and has ensured transfer of knowledge and skills between its companies. Moving an employee to another department, company or position creates a chance for continuous professional advancement and learning new skills. In terms of internal recruitment, the EFRA Project is a key initiative. We have developed a dedicated EFRA Staff Programme to select, recruit, train, prepare and retain properly qualified employees to complete the objectives of the EFRA (Effective Refining) operational excellence project, implemented as part of Grupa LOTOS’s wider Efficiency and Growth programme. Implementation of the EFRA Staff Programme has been planned for the years 2014–2019. The Programme is based on reallocation of approximately 40 employees and provides for the additional employment from outside.