Recruiting qualified staff

At the LOTOS Group, we believe that education is an asset worth investing in, and that by doing so we not only support our local communities, but also improve our chances for sourcing talented staff willing to develop together with us. 

In 2015, as part of efforts to standardize and raise recruitment standards at the LOTOS Group, we implemented ‘Standards of the Recruitment and Selection Process at the LOTOS Group − Guidelines for Managers Requesting Staff Recruitment’ and ‘Standards of the Recruitment and Selection Process at the LOTOS Group − Guidelines for Recruitment Specialists’.

Certified recruitment practices

Having audited our recruitment practices, the Polish Human Resources Management Association awarded us the Top-Quality Human Resources Certificate, thus acknowledging the top quality standards of our human resources management processes.

Grupa LOTOS is a member of the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment, established in 2013. The Code of Good Recruitment Practices developed by the organization is used as guidance for our HR officers on the principles that should be applied in recruitment processes across the LOTOS Group, and its application in practice has been confirmed by the ‘Friendly Recruitment Zone’ certificate awarded to Grupa LOTOS. It earned us reputation of a reliable and highly valued employer propagating the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Education − a profitable investment

We engage in promoting education, with special emphasis on engineering and technical disciplines, by supporting vocational schools, including through our active participation in the Gdańsk Professionals’ Week. In recognition of outstanding achievements in the promotion and sponsorship of vocational education and successful cooperation in the field of education to the benefit of the local labour market, Grupa LOTOS was awarded the ‘Gdańsk Vocational School-Friendly Employer’ title, and LOTOS Serwis received a distinction. We offer a range of internships and traineeships and, as far as possible, we provide access to data that may be useful in writing university dissertations.

Grupa LOTOS employees share their knowledge with students and teachers during workshops and classes they give at schools (e.g. LOTOS Serwis’s activity at the Communications School Complex in Gdańsk, or LOTOS Kolej’s at Technical Secondary School No. 3 of the K. Kałużewski and J. Sylla School Complex in Zduńska Wola). We have appointed a LOTOS ambassador for students, who helps them access educational and industry-related information and liaises with the Company as an employer through a Facebook fanpage ‘Start with LOTOS’.


number of internships and traineeships organized by Grupa LOTOS in 2015

In line with our business profile, we focus on partnerships with technical schools such as Gdańsk University of Technology, the AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow University of Economics, and Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk. 

We have engaged in cooperation with the largest global student organization AIESEC and the international organization of technology students BEST, under which we organized meetings with experts who shared with students practical knowledge on their field of study; also, we promoted jobs and internships at LOTOS.
We also work with HR organizations, sharing our expertise and teaching HR standards, for example we cooperated with the Polish Human Resources Management Association by organizing and administering a HR Executive Meeting at LOTOS to discuss cooperation with universities and schools.

What else did we do in 2015?
  • It was for the thirteenth time that the LOTOS Group joined ‘Summer Internship’, a local project initiated by the Mayor of Gdańsk to support students and graduates in acquiring new skills and finding their place on the labour market. In 2015, Grupa LOTOS, LOTOS Kolej and LOTOS Petrobaltic financed 16 internship placements. 
  • We became one of Internship Founders as part of the ‘We Build the Value of the Polish Economy. Work for Us’ contest organized by the Ministry of State Treasury and we offered students five internship placements with our organization. The key objective of the internships was to help the contest winners gain experience and enable them to use their knowledge and skills in practice. 
  • We were a partner to the ‘Go4Poland. Wybierz Polskę’ internship programme of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Foundation. 
  • We organized meetings of our practising specialists with students representing numerous associations, including the Brevi Manu Student Scientific Association of Organization and Management Psychology, Scientific Association of Chemistry Students of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Euro-Initiative Student Scientific Association and Scientific Association of Electrical Engineering Students of the Gdańsk University of Technology. LOTOS Serwis has under its auspices the industrial automatics class at the Communication School Complex of Gdańsk. Its lecturers include heads of the I&C Maintenance and Repairs Departments.
  • We continued cooperation with Vocational and Lifelong Learning Centre No. 2 in Gdańsk, the agreement on which has been renewed every three years since 2009. So far, 58 students completed their traineeships at Grupa LOTOS, and more than 30 best ones were awarded grants.
LOTOS for kids

It was the third time we became the patron of the E(x)plory programme supporting young scientists. Its 2015 winners represent Poland in international scientific competitions in the US, the Netherlands, Romania and France. In 2015, we also continued the ‘Talent with LOTOS’ project, including the ‘Pomeranian Talent’ programme implemented jointly with the Teacher Education Centre in Gdańsk, and ‘Jasło Science League with LOTOS’ run with the town of Jasło.

For more information on the ‘Talent with LOTOS’ project, visit:

‘Talent with LOTOS’ website