The way to achieve the goal: how do we motivate and develop our staff?

The LOTOS Group has in place a standardized Periodic Employee Evaluation System (PEES) to ensure objectivity and comparability of employee evaluation results.

In 2015, PEES reviews covered 97% of qualifying employees of the LOTOS Group. Among the reviewed employees, there was 21% of women and 76% of men. The lower proportion of women reflects the employment structure at the LOTOS Group: most of our employees are men. The evaluated women amounted to close to 29% of eligible employees, and the share of men was 67%.

Other advantages of PEES:

Meetings between managers and employees are an opportunity to receive feedback on employees’ competencies and achievement of professional and development goals. The data thus collected helps the managers to better plan future steps (such as division of tasks or definition of employee development paths) and to motivate staff to pursue their professional goals.



percentage of LOTOS Group employees meeting all requirements for their respective positions in 2015*


percentage of employees whose qualifications exceed the requirements for their positions in 2015*

* Source: PEES, 2015

Results of periodic employee evaluation are also a valuable source of information for the HR department. Each company of the LOTOS Group reviews the results individually, to quickly obtain such information as who the best performing employees are, or to identify competencies which are at the highest level of development and those which need to be worked on, and to find out to what degree professional and development goals have been achieved. PEES is closely connected with the process of training course planning and budgeting.

Percentage of LOTOS Group employees who underwent evaluation in 2015
% of workforce by gender % of the reviewed
ikonka Women ikonka Men ikonka Women ikonka Men
84.9% 89.3% 21.5% 75.9%
Percentage of Grupa LOTOS employees who underwent evaluation in 2015
% of workforce by gender % of the reviewed 
ikonka Women ikonka Men ikonka Women ikonka Men
86.0% 93.7% 28.6% 67.1%

(Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews, by gender and by employee category)