Robust structure

It is our strong opinion that strategic business objectives cannot be met without efficient organization, assessment of risks inherent in the business, and productive processes supported by effective management systems.

New organizational structure of the LOTOS Group

In response to the market challenges (oil price movements, risk of growing competition from outside Europe, and expected decline in fuel consumption), in 2015 we introduced a new organizational structure to the LOTOS Group. It was the most extensive change in the structure of our organization in many years. The new organizational structure will help implement our business strategy.

Thanks to its new organizational structure the LOTOS Group will:

  • Improve the efficiency and flexibility of its operations by, among other things, accelerating the decision-making processes and simplifying procedures;
  • Integrate the most important areas of its operations;
  • Reduce operating costs, for instance by identifying the areas with overlapping responsibilities and scopes of activity; 
  • In the long term − achieve synergies as a result of greater integration and improved coordination of activities in the operational, management and support areas.
What else will we do?

As part of the organizational changes, we will review the scope of activity of individual divisions and organizational units at the LOTOS Group companies. In this way we intend to optimize processes and interactions between Grupa LOTOS and its subsidiaries, and centralize certain functions. As a result, best practices will be transferred between LOTOS Group companies and uniform corporate standards will be introduced without building additional capabilities at each company.