The LOTOS Group as an active participant of the fuel market and initiator of regional development

We create a platform for cooperation

We are a member of Polish and international trade, business and specialist associations. Our membership of those organizations allows us to create a cooperation platform for energy companies in Poland and in Europe, actively participate in legislative processes in Poland and the European Union, and act towards improving security in the energy sector and promoting best practices in the area of corporate social responsibility.

We also engage in initiatives that bring together companies from Pomerania, the region where we operate and exert a significant environmental impact. We seek to initiate regional development through our involvement with local organizations.

Membership of trade, business and specialist associations in 2015

Trade associations

Central Europe Energy Partners, CEEP

CEEP represents energy-intensive companies and the wider energy sector (including oil, gas, coal, power, power networks, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, etc.) from Central Europe.

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Grupa LOTOS is a member of FuelsEurope, a Brussels-based organization formed by merging EUROPIA and CONCAWE (Grupa LOTOS was a member from 2006). FuelsEurope represents the interests of 41 companies operating oil refineries in the European Union that account for almost 100% of the EU’s oil processing capacity.

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Polish Organization of Oil Industry and Trade (POPiHN)

We are a founding member of POPiHN, established in 2003, and are represented in its Board. One of the key objectives of Grupa LOTOS’ activity within POPIHN is the sustainable development of a competitive fuel market in Poland, which we seek to achieve by promoting business standards compliant with EU law and equal rights for all participants of the Polish fuel market.

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Polish Association of the Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians (SITPNiG)

LOTOS Petrobaltic and LOTOS Terminale are the supporting members of SITPNiG, an organization with a scientific and technical profile that serves the oil and gas industry and its members by promoting social utility in implementing public tasks.

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Windsor Energy Group - WEG

In March 2009, Grupa LOTOS joined the Windsor Energy Group (WEG), an independent think-tank based in London that addresses issues related to the building of security and order within the international energy sector, with a particular focus on the oil and gas and alternative energy subsectors.

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World Petroleum Council – Polish National Committee

We are part of the Polish Steering Committee. Formed in 1933, the World Petroleum Council is the only international organization which represents all branches of the oil industry.

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Polish Exploration and Production Industries Organization (Organizacja Polskiego Przemysłu Poszukiwawczo-Wydobywczego, OPPW)

Grupa LOTOS is a founding member of this organization focusing on hydrocarbon exploration and production issues.

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Atlantic Council 

Since September 2013, we have been a member of Atlantic Council, a US-based organization promoting constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs in the areas of energy, environment, global economy and economics, as well as cooperation within the Atlantic Community.

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Polish Member Committee of the World Energy Council

Since 2015, we have been a member of the Polish Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC). WEC is a global, non-governmental and non-commercial organization dealing with issues related to energy resources, production of various forms of energy, its use and environmental impact. WEC’s overriding objective is to support sustainable development and peaceful use of energy resources for the greatest benefit of its members and the whole world. WEC was established in London in 1924, with Poland among its 40 founders. Today, it as accredited at the United Nations and represents over 90 member states and more than 3,000 energy sector players from those states.

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Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry

In 2014, Grupa LOTOS became a member of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, an organization supporting the development of the chemical sector and representing its members in relations with central government authorities and international organizations.

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